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INTERVIEW specifically with the Regional Head (Kanwil) of Perum Bulog Riau & Kepri during the Covid 19 pandemic, just go online. So that the data and questions are certainly in writing. Bachtiar AS is the food authority of Riau & Riau Islands who is relaxed in answering questions and is firm and straightforward.

This is the media dialogue RIAUPDATE with Bachtiar AS Kanwil Perum Bulog Riau & Kepri.

BULOG: The policy for procuring rice outside the domain is at the head office while we in the regions are only assigned to maintain stock in a safe condition. And today Bulog’s stock for the region is quite safe for the next 3-4 months, including for facing the fasting month and Eid.

RIAUPDATE: Could you be more detailed about the number of stocks you have, Sir

BULOG: Riau Kepri is still 10,000 tons
RIAUPDATE: Are there any plans to collaborate with the local government or universities in Riau regarding our rice supply, Sir.
BULOG: Bulog is ready, bro, it’s just that if you focus on suppliers or purchases, you may also need cooperation in the downstream, namely if you buy Bulog, the distribution must also exist so that it is not only for storage which will eventually break down and cause losses. For now, the quality is still good enough and fit for consumption.

RIAUPDATE: Are there any plans to release derivative products from this rice, for example into flour. So that there can be future developments?

BULOG: It has been included in the plan for the head office, bro

RIAUPDATE: Does Bulog only buy rice from farmers in the form of rice or milled dry unhulled rice?

BULOG: We absorb all rice and unhulled rice as long as it meets the quality requirements set by the government.

RIAUPDATE: Can this be based on the Regional Office’s policy

BULOG: God willing, it can, bro

RIAUPDATE: There is no distribution cooperation with the provincial / city / district government or university if there is grain or rice absorbed from Riau

BULOG: Not yet

RIAUPDATE: Regarding currently there are many possibilities for Bulog’s rice to decline in quality and we see that there are only reprocessing steps to improve, or there is no other way to maintain the quality and distribution, perhaps by making derivative products from rice, for example rice flour or rice vermicelli, so that it can increase Bulog’s sales opportunities. export and guarantee that all rice is not reprocessed which is very susceptible to pests.

BULOG: Sorry if this is the domain of the head office. We are only implementing the policies of the Board of Directors

RIAUPDATE: Maybe it is necessary to collaborate with local governments and universities and Bulog can formulate this. Because of the Regional Office, with the presence of rice flour, the dependence on wheat flour has decreased and is healthier. It may also need to be advertised, because many do not know that everyone can be a partner of Bulog and maybe a long bureaucratic tidbit.

BULOG; Thank you, Mas, the input is quite good

RIAUPDATE: You’re welcome sir.

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